Truemessenger is a new SMS client for your smartphone that helps fight spam

Truecaller, the company behind the app that shares the same name, has released a new app for Android called Truemessenger. This new offering aims to make SMS smarter and contain less spam. How it achieves this is by verifying the identity of those who send you SMS messages, allowing you to mark specific senders as a spammer in the contact list. This will then prevent said contact from contacting you via SMS
Much like how Truecaller works, this new protection layer allows you to help others out by weeding out those annoying numbers that send you a constant stream of spam messages. Truemessenger will also migrate all marked messages to a dedicated folder, keeping your actual conversation list clean of clutter and unwanted messages
As well as the added protection, Truemessenger automatically assigns photos, nicknames and other details to contacts, pulled from social networks. Oh, and that new message tone is composed by Swedish DJ Avicii. So if you still rely on SMS and haven't made the leap to one of the various instant messaging services available today, give Truemessenger a go and see how you get on


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